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We are a law enforcement program at a high school vocational center in Sandwich, Illinois. The students here elect to come to this class. They attend their assigned high school for half the day and IVVC the other half.

The enrollment in this program has increased from 29 when I started (2005) to a record 90 in 2010. Do to logistics, only 60 could attend and currently we have about 44 students. 

We mimic the police academy training curriculum. We do everything from text work, vehicle code, defensive tactics, SWAT tactics, firearm training, force-on-force and dynamic scenarios.

First year students have 2 texts, Criminal Justice and Patrol Field Operations. During the first year, students are expected to learn about the system and more specifically, law enforcement.  Towards the end of the year, theyz participate in scenarios and conflict resolution preparing them for the second year.

Second year students are now studying Criminal Investigations.  They are more in a leadership role and will assume team responsibilities.  They are in charge with scenarios and conditioning of the first year students.

The students leave IVVC with a solid skill set and a little more knowledge than when they walked in, I hope. They grow both educationally, professionally, and socially.    

This site is used to promote our program as well as assist the LE students in their day-to-day activities.

There are plenty of links and docs for their use.  We have a lot of pictures and videos up.

Please visit our archived Pictures


Police Jobs

40 Second Commercial

4 Minute Commercial



Students preparing to
enter the Hornicle House
at the National Guard

Controlled F.O.R.C.E.
shows room entries
Aurora Police train on
handcuffing "LA Style"
DT week at the Dojo!



Shoothouse via Go Pro

Created by V. Logan 2017